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The root contains a crystalline solid, allantoinin, that stimulates the growth of epithelium (cell tissue) on ulcerated surfaces. Acts as a cell proliferator, astringent, demulcent. It is useful as a dressing for sores or ulcers and pruritis ani (itchy anus). Stubborn wounds like varicose ulcers.
The aerial parts more common usage is for injuries to tendons and periosteum (the surface layer of bones), joints and cartilage strains and sprains, arthritic joints, fractures and broken bones. One is recommended to make sure that the bone is set properly before administering the herb.
Organic gardeners are most familiar with this useful plant. It can be dug in to the trough when planting potatoes, and is beneficial as a potash rich fertilizer. The leaves will decompose without robbing nitrogen from the crop. The wilted leaves are so rich in nutrients that they compare favourably with farmyard manure and the best compost. (see my blog re growing organic spuds).
Homeopathically, symphytum is also a remedy for injury. For non-union of fractures, phantom pain after amputation and persistent periosteal pain after healing.

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