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Sauce Alone

Sauce alone is also called jack by the hedge. The lower leaves are rounder than those toawards the tops of the stalks, and are set singly on the joints, being round and broad, pointed at the ends, dented at the edges a little like nettle leaves, but of a fresher green colour, hot rough or pricking the flowers are white, growing at the tops of the stalks one above another. The seeds are in pods, round and blackish. The root is stringy and thready. The plant being bruised, smells of garlic, and tastes hot and sharp, like rocket. It grows under walls, by hedge-sides, and pathaways in fields.
This is eaten by many country people as sauce to their salt fish, and wonderfully warms the stomach, and promotes digestion. The juice boiled with honey is as good as hedge mustard for cough, to cut and expectorate tough phlegm. The seed bruised and boiled in wine, is a good remedy for colic, or stone, being drank warm. The leaves also or the seed boiled, is good to be used in clysters to ease the pains of the stone.

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