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1 Serving
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Short Description

I Came up with This Recipe so That I Could Make Carrots with Roast. I Cook My Roast in the Crock Pot, but Dont like to Cook My Veggies with It, as They Soak up All of the Juice and End up with a Terrible Flavor. So I Kind of Came up with My Own Recipe, and It Works Great. Now I Use This Recipe Any Time I Want to Have Carrots as a Side Dish with Dinner. It Goes Well with Lots of Meat Dishes, and Its Easy to Make. If You Dont Want to Mess with Peeling and Chopping Carrots, Use Baby Carrots. I Use the Same Recipe with Potatoes, but They Dont Need to Cook as Long. If You are Making This with Roast or Any Other Meat That Has Made Its Own Broth, You Can Use That Instead of Beef Broth from the Can. I Always Eyeball This Recipe so the Measurements are Approximations.