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Turkish Recipe


Serves 1
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Short Description

I Made This Wonderful Stock with the Leftover Roast Turkey Carcass from Christmas. I Used Anything and Everything, the Neck of the Turkey and I Used the Left over Stuffing, Some Left over Roast Potatoes and Other Vegetables Cooked and Uncooked That I Had Cooked Too Many Of, I Have Cooked This Recipe from the Basic Recipe Below and Just Added, What Vegetables I Had Left Over. Next Time I Will Even Keep the Potatoe Skins and Cook Them as Well!! I Was Carfeul Not Too Use, Too Much of One Thing That May Have Taken over the Flavour Though. I Have Frozen the Stock for Using Later, I Am Not Sure What In, but the Stock Had That Wonderful Roast Turkey Dinner Flavour !!!

Cooking Procedure