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ABOUT: This software is designed to keep the modem/router live and refresh. onLine help to clear the modem/router catch by working and monitoring the status, speed and other properties of internet and modem. Once an error is discovered on the modem or internet the software will attempt to clear catch if not successful it will then restart the modem/router to bring it to fresh state.
1) unzip the file in the main directory i.e. "C:\"
Warning: it will not work outside of the main directory.
Example: C:\\onLine\onLine.exe

2) add shortcut to your "startup" directory

3) run "onLine" Spftware

4) Setup

a) navigate to "Setting"
b) select your modem/router model (if you can not find the model number then try "Default 1" or "Default 2")
c) enter your modem/router login ip address
d) enter your modem/router login username (this is the username to login to modem and NOT wireless connection)
e) enter login password
f) to test if the settings are all correct press "Test" button. The modem/router must restart in 10 seconds. if it does not then the settings are incorrect.
g) if you have entered the above settings correctly and the "Testing" still does not work the you can deselect "Select Modem" and enter the custom restart code for your particular device (this is the code to restart your modem)

5) once the setup has been succesful, go back to main menu. The "on Line" and "Network" LEDs will both glow green
6) make it automated by checking "Auto Start". This will automatically start monitoring the internet and modem status every time the application is started.
7) thats it! enjoy browking :)
TERMS and CONDITIONS: This software is developed by EmbeddedLogic's LateChef R&D team. EmbeddedLogics nor LateChef take any responsibility for any damages which may be caused by this application, user must use this at their own risk. This application is under END-ESER Licence; and it is illegal to use for commercial gain. By using this software you agree to the terms and condition of use.
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