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Balsam Herb

This is known to be an inhabitant in almost every garden, so that it is needless to describe.
Costmary gently purges choler and phlegm, extenuating that which is gross, and cutting that which is tough and glutinous, and hinders putrefaction and corruption. It is astringent to the stomach, and strengthens the liver, and the other inward parts; and taken in whey, it is more effectual. Taken fasting in the morning it relieves chronic pains in the head, and dries up, and consumes all thin rheums or distillations from the head into the stomach.
It is very profitable for those that are fallen into a continual evil disposition of the body, called cachexy, but especially in the beginning of the disease. It is an especial relief to weak and cold livers. The seed is given to children for worms, and so is the infusion of flowers in white wine, about two ounces at a time. It makes a valuable ointment for sores, being boiled with oil of olive, and adder's tongue; and after it is strained, put a little wax, resin, and turpentine. To bring it to a convenient body.

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