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Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why people like to use shiso is for its ability to help make the skin look healthier. These mint tea leaves can work from the inside to help give your skin a more lustrous shine, not to mention a better overall complexion. The reason these tea leaves are able to help the skin look so much better is because of a few different reasons. These tea leaves are loaded with different properties such as antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic components. Not only do these agents help make the skin look better, but they can also help improve the overall health of your immune system.
One of the reasons why shiso tea leaves are able to help improve the condition of the skin has to do with all of the natural vitamins and minerals that are found inside of the leaves themselves. This type of tea is very simple to make and can be consumed either piping hot or ice cold. Not only is it available in tea form that you can drink, but other products also make use of its natural properties. It can also be found in things like lotions, moisturizers and soaps.

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